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How to submit resources

Any native speaker is a potential resource speaker for any people who intend to learn a language. That’s why anyone may participate to enlarge Audio-Lingua resources submitting their own recordings by filling in this form.

Before submitting resources for the first time, we invite you to read carefully the legal notice and practical information for publishing documents.

If you would like to submit recordings made by other people, a written permission for publishing documents is mandatory. Here is a sample permission letter to be signed and kept with care.

About your mp3

Language of the mp3 resource (recorded by a native speaker)

Write down the recorded speakers’ first names and surnames.

Write down biographical information: town, region, country, particular accent, occupation and any useful infomation on the author(s)

Short summary, discussed topics

mp3 recording to upload (Required)

Click the "Browse..." button to locate a file on your computer’s hard drive.

Right to publish (Required)

For under age teenagers, parents’ permission is mandatory. As for yourself, tick this box to certify that you have the rights to submit documents

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